Friday, November 24, 2006

Truly US

The landmark Indo US civilian nuclear deal has finally matured and it has its own undisputed benefits. India would now be getting an instantaneous access to more than 3000 tons of spent fuel to feed its nuclear power plants. This could otherwise have taken, India more than 30 years to accumulate the raw material on its own. However, I believe US is still the most self centric, self driven nation which has an obvious strategy of ‘Use and Throw’. In response to Pakistan’s contention of having a similar pact, US termed the Indo US deal as a unique deal with a unique country. This exhibits the thanklessness of US, as Pakistan was ‘the nation’ which enabled the invasion of Afghanistan, by letting it use its Air Base. A few years back US had been patting General’s back for the much needed help.

Without contending the importance of deal here, for India, I simply try to highlight the commitment and loyalty US has displayed with its so called ally. Today US has left Islamabad like a parentless orphan, which is now forced to pin its hope from China, exclaiming it to be a historical and true friend. I extend my true hearted sympathies to the General, who had till recently been deluding himself and the nation, perceiving Bush as their Godfather. Infact Islamabad’s foreign policy towards its neighboring countries too, to a large extent had been governed by the same perceived mirage.

That’s just a drop in the ocean. A few days back General disclosed that Islamabad had been warned to be bombed back to stone age, by the then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in case it opted to stay away from the Bush’s quest (still a coveted quest) of Osama. To this President Bush expressed his unawareness and offered his apologies to the General. To me this highlights an innocent Mr. Bush, who can dare to invade any nation (that too without UN permission), be responsible for thousands of lives and who can also be unaware of what his own right hand is doing. I can understand that.

One thing I definitely couldn’t convince myself is, how come America be so liberal, that it could afford to change the rules of game for India, how come it could sign the pact with a nation which has earlier refused to budge to international pressure for signing the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. Well my concern here is that, even though India might be gaining today from US policy, but the same may not hold tomorrow. US is a non reliable ally which uses the nations, solely to serve his own means. Since India is on the receiving end it has to be very much cautious while dealing with it and it should maintain diplomatic relations with it. It should not let it’s foreign policies be affected by it’s relations with any other nation, US in particular. It must have an independent opinion of every nation, not biased by a third party.