Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TGI Gold...

First of all, I would congratulate Abhinav Bindra, his family, the sport loving fraternity and the entire nation (barring the Sports Federation, IOA, and the Government of course, for the obvious reasons) for the historical achievement at Olympics. Abhinav has gifted the entire nation with something this nation has been badly craving for, since the inception of this event. What a historic moment it would have been, when Bindra banged right in the Bulls eye, emerging the undisputed winner. What a moment it would have been when our National Anthem had been played at the world’s highest performing platform. What a moment it would have been when the tricolor stood half level above the rest two. And being THE reason for it, what a pride it would have been. Abhinav has done the entire nation and the city beautiful, Chandigarh proud.

While winning Gold is something, which still is an integral part of the entire game. Its like one among ten or twenty, would definitely be fetching, making it quite predictable. But earning a title of ‘Being the First Indian of something’, is something very few are able to. Abhinav has done it and that’s a life time achievement.

While watching the opening ceremony, when Indian contingent being led by Rajvardhan Singh Rathore, carried the tricolor, I shared my fear with a friend that this is probably the last time Indian flag could be seen hoisting in this Olympic. I wished to see more such opportunities during the event. But I was wrong. Abhinav has given all of us this privilege. We are proud of you.