Monday, January 29, 2007

SRKs "KKK.....KBC"

I rarely remember dates, infact I have to push hard enough to do that. But sometimes it occurs just naturally, without that extra effort, as some of these create a space in my sub conscious mind. Perhaps 22nd Jan, 2007 was one such entry. Just like million other SRK fans, I too had been waiting for it, may be coz I too have been a die hard King Khan fan or may be coz I have been also been a KBC fan or may be both.

Sharukh has returned to the small screen after almost two decades. (As a kid his amongst debuts ‘Fauji’ in late 80's impacted me a lot). He delivered major blockbusters like Bazigaar, DDLJ, KKHH, KHNH, the (in)famous DON, just to name a few. However, this time the challenge is tougher, perhaps his career’s biggest (at least I feel so). Because it’s a one-to-one fight with the invincible and charismatic Big Bachchan. Undoubtedly both have been the icons of the industry, both have redefined acting their own ways, both do posses that irresistible X-factor. Infact the duo had proven that, in past in the likes of Mohabbtein, K3G. However, KBC is a different game altogether. It’s not just another prime time soap, rather a perception in the minds of a billion. A perception whose contours were defined by Amitabh Bachchan. It’s not just the brand that Big B carried along (infact both enjoy a decent brand value and according to a marketing saying ‘only SEX and SRK sells in today’s world), I believe it’s the sheer elegance, a manner overloaded with sophistication, which acts as icing on the cake. He did posses the talent of hitting the right balance of humor and modesty. I feel this is where Sharukh couldn’t deliver as good. He had been quite a lot explicit in entertaining his audience, while crossing that very thin line between modesty and ridicule, at times. And that ‘massage’ & ‘give me five’ stuff were some of such instances, where Sharukh pushed himself real hard and actually diluted the flavor.

One disadvantage Sharukh definitely had right from the very beginning is that he would always have been juxtaposed against Mr. Bachchan for KBC. And that created a lot pressure on him. Fans in this regard are quite a lot unkind and even Abhishek had been haunted by the same in the past. If Sharukh attempts another Mr. Bachchan, he would unanimously be accused of imitation and if he doesn’t he would be tagged for not being dynamic enough. Either way he is going to be punished. But yes, imitation is definitely not ‘THE KEY’. One thing that could help him is ‘Being Yourself’. At least he would have to stop giving the Munna inspired ‘Jaddo ki Jappi’ every now and then. Of course it would take some time for viewers to digest the fact ‘Yes, this is Sharukh and not Big B’. Till then journey could be not so kind for SRK.

Till then, All the Best

P.S. Don’t forget you are Sharukh, Sharukh Khan……