Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rediscovering a Forgotten Canvas

It’s exactly after 7 months and 19 days, that I have picked up my pen and paper and trying to pen down my thoughts. A lot had happened in this long period. India won the Twenty 20 World Cup, Sanjay Dutt got convicted, Salman got into trouble once again, Chak De rocked the box office, my life too witnessed lot many changes. I shouldn’t say nothing happened exciting enough, in and around to motivate me to write for my blog. Infact many interesting events happened, that I wanted to share, but somehow couldn’t materialize. I shouldn’t even be complaining of having no time, as I actually had a lot of it.

Not writing though, I had been constantly tracking blogs of my known twos. I wonder how could some of them manage to write, upload the same, beautify the writing with pictures, insert links, add friends. But the point is ‘quite so often’. Hats off to such writers. Wish I too do that.

Well now that I have composed a couple of lines, I would need a password to logon to my home page. I am sure, I don’t remember it. I am not sure, if I maintained a backup for it. Don’t really know if I alone would be writing and reading it too. But if you are reading what I am writing, means something worked out. But if you are not reading it, then anyways you are not. Hopefully, I get the password.

Now a logical question here is how come I start it again after so long or what exactly pushed me. Now there are more than single reasons to it. Firstly, I had read a lot of stuff on blogging, illustrating how fast the concept is picking up in the Indian context. Every week there is a cover story on increasing popularity of blogs in various magazines and other news dailies. Even celebrities like Amir Khan are today exploiting this form of media. Then at last week end’s D party my MBA friends reminded me that I had been writing well, so far. So I should stop this break.

Now that almost a page is over, I attempt infusing life to my long forgotten “my-canvas”. May God bless my blog.

P.S. 1) Partial credit for this goes to Abhishek and Hemant.
2) Thank God, I got the password.