Monday, September 11, 2006

Dead End

Wednesday, September 6, 2006, 7 am
They have already left the beds. Splashing some water on their wrinkled faces, putting the same tethered filthy uniform, carrying the trademark safety caps with an electric torch, they are almost ready, heading for yet another journey of their not-so-kind life. Barely aware that this might turn out to be the last one.

Some of them had the luxury of seeing the faces of their loved ones, with an eternal optimism in their eyes saying, ‘See you in the evening’. While some others couldn’t avail this opportunity, it being like any other normal routine day. Housewives got to address the chores, while kids picked up their bags to school. After all it was still a normal routine day. None had hardly imagined that one news is going to change the course of their lives, just a single hit of a seconds hand and the world would never be the same again.

They picked up their equipment and fearlessly boarded the bogies that gradually carried them away from rest of the world; forever. The greatest irony of the instant is that, inspite of yourself being the subject, yourself being the actor, is still unaware of the role you are going to play very soon. Every single moment passing, is inching closer to the dead end.

The unfortunate moment has struck. Sometimes I wonder this ‘Time Machine’, its such a flawlessly programmed device, that it not only executes everything as scheduled by the Big Boss, but also the most cruel and heartless as it wont give an instant more than it has been programmed for.
News has broken out. Reporters, journalists, cameramen are a common sight all around. ‘Breaking News’ has got a brand new story. It’s a huge commotion.

Deep down there 250m below the surface, were 50 men caught totally unaware by the leaking methane gas, resulting in an explosion powerful enough to rip apart the coal bogies, that sent people slamming across mine walls. Within a few moments the oxygen levels fell to zero, filling the entire mine with lethal carbon monoxide gas. Explosion, suffocating gas, followed by mine inundated with water was enough to kill all of them in a few moments. The 50 souls witnessed those atrocious moments , when life is worse than death. The end stands in front, ready to embrace, while the victim has endless thoughts playing on his mind. One moment comes a thought that lot many tasks are yet unaccomplished. The entire life cycle is reduced to a single snapshot and it gets hazier every moment. Then comes a thought if at all God gives me a second chance.

At times one is left totally helpless, with little control over our own life. There is little any of us could have done. All we can do is to pray for peace to the souls.


Naiya Gupta said...

An incident very well written. I felt as if I were present at that sight, witnessing this tragedy.. You almost made me cry. :((

Sourav said...

Are you trying ur hand on writing some novel..then i think you should go ahead..wonderful and lucid narration..brimming with emotions.Go boy..go, go, go

MaNi said...

Hey push..nice article man...the narration is too good to believe...seems it is happenin infront of my own eyes...keep up d good of luck

Ankit Sharma said...

very well written piyush , Can i ask you what made you write this? surely... the detail you went in just goes to show your analytical abilities. do not forget to use it for yourself. Anyways Good Work!!!

pilot-pooja said...

very well written!

very nice & intellectual blog!

Piyush said...

thanks pilot-pooja